Curtin Road Closes For Beaver Stadium Scoreboard Renovation

The new Beaver Stadium scoreboards aren’t scheduled to be completed until the summer of 2014, but the process began this week as Curtin Road closed. The road will remain closed until approximately January 31, 2014 according to Penn State.

The closure is for the staging of a large crane being used to replace the Beaver Stadium scoreboard. The actual section of the road to be closed is the section of Curtin Road from Porter Road to a point just east of the Curtin Road entrance to Lot 44. The opposite scoreboard on the north end of the stadium does not run directly past a road.

Project leaders said that the installation will run through the beginning of August 2014 in order to be ready for the September 6th, 2014 game versus Akron.

“The new HD board will fill the entire front of the existing shell and will combine in-game video, game details and advertising. Penn State hopes to see some potential energy savings since the new boards will be utilizing some of the latest LED technology, even though the new screens will be over three times the size of the video boards.”

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