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Overheard on Frat Row

Few places have more drunken shenanigans than frat row. Even freezing temperatures can’t stop partiers from getting their Greek fix. We braved the cold and headed to the center of it all to listen in on the festivities. Here are some of the most quotable moments we overheard:

Guy outside frat house to girl next to him: It’s just annoying how easily girls can get into places just because they’re girls.
Girl: It’s like payment for having to suffer through periods each month.

Very drunk guy with his arm over a girl’s shoulder: I know we’re not hooking up or anything but I’m so glad you’re here.
Girl to friend after he walks away: I am not drunk enough for this.

Girl in leopard dress to her friend: I only go to that class because the TA is really attractive.
Friend: I’m sure your parents are proud.

Guy in black shirt: How many letters are in the alphabet?
Girl in Northface: At least 30.
Guy in black shirt: Yeah, at least.

Guy in Hawaiian shirt holding a beer: I don’t know if I can drink this.
Guy in flannel: Why?
Guy in Hawaiian shirt: Because I just threw up.
Guy in flannel: Well drink more to wash down the taste.

Girl talking to friend: They said I couldn’t come in because it was a social not a party, like, that’s not very social of you.

Girl in black dress in the bathroom: A clean bathroom at a frat is such a find.
Girl in blue romper: Just like a good man.
Girl in black dress: Preach.

Guy in blue shirt to friend playing beer pong: I think I just threw up on somebody’s iPhone.

Girl talking about her dog: Yeah she’s six now.
Friend: Aw, so how long have you had her?
Girl: Six years…

Girl to guy walking by in a robe: Why are you wearing that?
Guy: Because it makes me feel cozy inside and out.

Drunk girl holding inflatable palm tree:  This tree supports me better than any man ever will.

“Space Jam” starts playing: *everyone starts screaming*

Guy in hoodie looking into the distance: Every time I burp a piece of my soul goes with it.

Girl with glasses holding handle of vodka with Chinese label: Never drink alcohol that isn’t in English.
Girl on couch: Why?
Girl with glasses: It’s probably cursed.

Girl walking into the bathroom: Is there any toilet paper in there?
Girl in white shirt: Nah you’ve just got to move shimmy shake shake let it go.

Guy dancing to “We Can’t Stop”: I can feel Miley in my soul.

Girl to friend: Why are frat floors always wet?
Guy next to her: Beer, sweat, and everyone’s lost pride.

Guy in t-shirt looking on shelf: Dude somebody stole my jacket.
Friend:  Steal somebody else’s. It’s like the circle of life.
Guy in t-shirt as he takes another jacket: *Singing “Circle of Life” from the Lion King*

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Sarah Caskie

Sarah is a senior majoring in Journalism. She can usually be found at Saint’s looking up cat videos, or writing about music and stuff. She can be reached on Twitter at @classycaskie or via email at [email protected]


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