What If We Had A Moraler For Life?

Morale has been a staple of the Penn State Dance Marathon for years and was the first official committee of the world’s largest student-run philanthropy. Known for keeping dancers motivated and energized while they stand on their feet for 46 hours, moralers are responsible for keeping the energy up, maintaining dancer safety, and being huge fans of the color yellow. With THON a short three days away, we asked ourselves, “What if we had a moraler for everyday life?”

Well, meet Max. Max represents the excitement and anticipation that THON brings. He’s there at every turn, keeping us motivated and brimming with energy to take on the day. He doesn’t work in four-hour shifts for a period of 46 hours straight like the tireless moralers at THON, but he is there to give us a shot in the arm when we need one every now and then. Three days until we dance and all of the awesome REAL moralers do their thing, but until then, Max will be here.

Max gets ready

Waking up for the day

Taking a shower

Eating breakfast

Getting ready for the day

Mail call

Going to class

The massage

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Mara is a senior majoring in public relations with a minor in business. She is from Cranberry Twp., PA and enjoys blogging, cats, tweeting, and not wanting to graduate.


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