Best of Girl’s Dancer Storage 2014

Whether it’s perfectly color coordinating their undershirt and socks, nagging their dancers to drink Gatorade, or preparing scavenger hunts for their dancers to do when they’re off-shift, Moralers have quite a lot to do. To add to these responsibilities, they’re assigned the task of decorating their dancers’ lockers and making sure they encompass the dancers’ personalities (and that they look better than all of the other dancers’ lockers).

Earlier this morning, we looked through the lockers in girl’s dancer storage and decided to write about the best ones we saw.

Kudos to these talented moralers!

Dancer 302A’s Locker 


Danielle’s moraler makes it easy to see why people are so obsessed with minions. This decoration is the perfect blend of fun and cute and still conveys the key information: the dancer’s name, number, and organization.

Dancer 297B’s Locker


Not only is the puppy adorable and quirky, but it’s clear that this moraler put a lot of time and work into hand painting Meg’s fabric. The American flag cape is a bit reminiscent of bacon– but I see that as a bonus.

Dancer 195A’s Locker


This one looks like it came straight out of a Victoria’s Secret catalogue, and only good things come from those. Stay fierce, Katie K.

Dancer 238C’s Locker


This locker stuck with the cartoon theme drawing inspiration from Pixar’s Up, and let’s be real… who doesn’t love Up?

Dancer 262A’s Locker


I’m not quite sure what the theme of this one is, but it’s clear Kelly’s moraler put a lot of work into this locker. That puffy paint job is top notch–good work!

Dancer 155B’s Locker


You really can’t get any more State than Rachel’s moraler just did. Props!

Have you seen any other dancer lockers that deserve to be recognized? Let us know in the comments!

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