First Time THONers Reflect on Their Experience

THON is a memorable experience for every Penn Stater. Everyone remembers the first time they stepped into the color-filled BJC for a weekend of dancing. We asked some THON first-timers about their first impressions, and why they haven’t attended the Penn State staple before.

Brian Lifschutz
Why: Freshman

“It exceeded my wildest expectations because I’ve never been to THON, I didn’t watch that many videos of it, and then just coming in here and seeing all these representative groups— it’s a real good thing. It’s very overwhelming seeing all these performances on stage, but it’s just really cool and not something I expected.”

Kelsey Lewis
Why: Wasn’t previously interested

“I went to Altoona so I never felt super connected to the THON culture you get at Main. I feel like it was so hyped up, and I don’t really get how people stay here for 46 hours if they aren’t dancing. It’s okay. That said, THON isn’t here to entertain us, it’s to raise money for the kids.”

Chris Gregorakis
Why: Freshman

“It really did live up to my expectations, it actually surpassed them. I didn’t expect all of this. I expected, I don’t know, maybe a half-hearted showing of people. This is great though; it’s a lot of fun. I didn’t know much about THON before I came here, so this is all new to me.”

Anthony Lestochi
Why: Went to a branch campus

“It’s pretty much what I expected—a bunch of good people celebrating philanthropy. I was surprised by how organized and serious they try to make access to the floor. I was impressed at the system.”

Neil Kelkar
Why: Freshman

“Everyone’s so active and lively even at like 4 a.m. which is crazy. I was surprised by how many people are here at any time, but I thought there would be more people on the floor and less people in the stands honestly.”

Ryan Kusmira
Why: Freshman

“It’s a great experience. It’s awesome going down on the floor, and it’s an inspiration just seeing how happy these kids are. It’s amazing. Everyone’s so excited and so supportive, more so than I expected.”

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