THON Through the Eyes of the R&R Committee

The Rules and Regulations committee members, better known as R&R, are oftentimes thought of as the party-poopers of THON. When your job is to maintain order and safety, sometimes that means encroaching on some people’s fun.

Over 1,000 members strong, R&R members can be found maintaining security or on PASS teams. We chatted with some of the R&R team about their experiences at THON 2014.

“We have some problems when people pass stuff from the stands to floor, or like try to sit down,” Freshman Emily Kugler said. “They get frustrated because they just don’t want to listen, so we get some problems then.”

Kugler says that R&R members are trained what to say and do when THON goers don’t respond to security. They also attend security workshops.

“Yeah, sometimes I feel like people don’t like me because I’m on security,” Freshman Jane Kahle. “People get really bothered when you tell them not to go out of certain gates, and seem to question our authority.”

As the committee in charge of keeping things running smoothly, R&R members have to face a lot of frustrated THONers.

“Yesterday I had to help with the pass line, but we’re a security team so we’re not taught that much about that pass system,” Junior Cameron Fansler said. “People bombard you with questions and get mad when you don’t know the answer.”

Fansler says that most of the negativity towards R&R revolves around complications with the pass system.

“We don’t like telling people that they can’t do stuff, but it’s our job,” Fansler said.

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