Atlas THON Passes Time with Fun and Games

Yes, 46 hours is an excruciatingly lengthy amount of time for dancers to be on their feet. But staying awake and active can be challenging for those in the stands as well, many of whom spend more than twenty hours cheering on their respective dancers.

To combat these qualms, Atlas THON has incorporated a Fun and Games director to help rally their audience, located in Section 121.

“I make sure that everyone in the stands is having fun,” said sophomore Katie Nastase, one of Atlas’ two Fun and Games directors. “We buy a bunch of stuff in advance and make sure that everyone in the stands is all pumped up.”

Nastase and her team purchased bubbles, sticky hands, inflatable swords, and even plastic eggs with fun facts inside to keep the members engaged.

She reiterated that it’s important for the crowd to be excited as it keeps the dancers motivated to continue dancing.

“It’s important for our crowd to be pumped up so our whole moral is up,” she said. “Because if not, it makes THON all the more challenging for our dancers.”

Atlas members confirmed Nastase’s statement.

“The dancers work hard to stay awake and upright for 46 hours, the least we can do is show support in the stands,” said org member Nolan O’Connor. “Further, I love bubbles — they really help pass the time. Katie’s fun selections were spot on.”

Nastase also helped organize a duck-themed wedding, fueled by Atlas’ love of the swimming bird, which we chronicled earlier.

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