Meet State College’s Flatland BMX Rider

Penn State is full of characters: Unicycle guy, the Willard Preacher, and Sneezy the Squirrel for example, but have you seen someone doing bike tricks on campus? Well if you haven’t, meet the latest addition to the PSU pantheon: Matt “Ski” Maslowski.

Hailing from Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, Ski has been riding BMX bikes for about six years. Initially, he starting dirt biking, moved to street and park riding, and finally dedicated his riding to flatland biking.

Flatland BMX was very popular in the 1980’s and, according to Ski, is “breakdancing with a bike.”


“That’s the best way to describe it,” said Ski. “People have asked me if that’s what I was doing, breakdancing with a bike. I just say, ‘Yeah, I am.'”

Ski stopped street BMX after a couple of serious injuries, but also because he wants to respect Penn State property. “I’m paying a lot of money to go here, I don’t want to destroy any property,” said Ski.

Ski usually bikes on the IST bridge, Pollock commons, or the Pollock basketball courts.


While people have come up to Ski and said, “Hey! You’re the bike guy!,” he didn’t start riding on campus for attention.

“Random people will come up to me all the time and just call me that. It’s pretty funny. I like it, but I definitely didn’t go around calling myself ‘Bike Guy’.”

When Ski isn’t biking, he is a “tech nerd.” Ski is a security and risk analysis major and will be in Seattle this summer working for Boeing, who he also interned for last year in Maryland. He has already planned to ship his bike to Seattle so he can keep riding while he’s there.

You can find Ski on his Facebook page.

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