The 7 Types of Bar Graffiti You Encounter in Downtown State College

It’s remarkable what Penn Staters can do with a bit of alcohol-induced creativity and a proper art medium. Though not all the phenomenal artwork of drunken Penn State students, alumni and friends could be captured, we grouped our favorite works into the categories of graffiti you’ll see during a typical visit to a Downtown State College bar establishment.

*Disclaimer: we apologize for the resolution of some of the photos. Bars and college kids…you know how that all works out.

The Gossip Girl

The reason behind all the extremely long lines for women’s restrooms is most likely the amount of quality literature one has to take in while in a particular stall.


 Straight out of a Maury episode.

The Gossip Bro

If you have a good story to tell, you might as well tell it, right?


 In case you were wondering what a polar bear tastes like.


It’s like your drunken stall stories.

Some offer advice to the general public:

cata driver

“Be nice to your CATA driver. They can leave you in the middle of nowhere.”

While others offer a friendly memo to the ones they love:

call your mother

The question remains: did Kierra call her mother?

The Socrates

“Just think about it for a second while you’re peeing.”

american dream

 “They call it the ‘American Dream’ because you have to be asleep to believe it.”


So much wisdom from a door at Zeno’s.


Whether it’s said by Dr. Dre, Ben Folds, or the Zeno’s bathroom, it still holds true. 

The Hashtag

For those hoping to get a new hashtag trend going.


 Probably my second favorite hashtag, only second to #PennStateLivesHere

The Van Gogh

Brought to you by those who never fully grew up from crayons and placemats at restaurants.


 We think this is Santa Claus, or a vomiting penguin sporting a winter hat.

graffiti skellar

This looks phenomenal in a “don’t mind me, I’m just sketching at a table in a bar” sort of way.

The Bar Tour

If you have a bar tour and don’t have a clever bar tour name, was it even a bar tour?

slept with tiger

 Tiger seems like he had some fun in 2010. *RAWR*

Where is some of the best graffiti you’ve seen in State College bars? Let us know in the comments!

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