Alumni Can Relive Dorm Life Again at Arts Fest

What’s cooler than crashing at your son/daughter/friend’s unkempt apartment for Arts Fest or splurging on a hotel room for some privacy and room service? Doing it old school with a weekend in the dorms, that’s what.

This Arts Festival, from July 9-13, alumni once again have the opportunity to relive the fond memories of dorm living in West Halls. The residence halls will provide linens, blanket, towel, wash cloth, a bar of soap, and complimentary breakfast.

You can’t put a price on catching up with old pals over brunch at the commons, but you can put a price on sleeping in a shoebox sized room. At $52 for a single room and $92 for a double (no more needing to worry about rando roommates; we all know how stressful that was freshman year), alumni can enjoy those twin XLs we love to hate and hate to… nope that’s it.

More information can be found on the Penn State Alumni Association Arts Festival Alumni Weekend Lodging Page.

However, be forewarned, as a disclaimer states, “Please Note:  West Halls is not an air conditioned facility. A limited number of fans are available to rent on a first-come, first-served basis. We strongly suggest you bring one along.”

So for all you nostalgic alumni out there, make sure to register for Arts Fest Alumni Weekend, and if you so choose, enjoy your stay soaking up the wondrous world of on campus living and #college.

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