10 Tips for Surviving Finals Week

Finals week is finally upon us, which means there’s only a few days separating you from your summer vacation. Whether you have six finals or one, you’re probably stressing. Fear not, here are some tips for maintaining your cool during your final days before break.

10. Stay de-stressed using campus resources

Finals week is a stressful time, luckily University Health Services has a number of resources to help students stay relaxed. They offer free yoga classes three times a week. There’s also a “De-Stress Zone” that includes various stress-busting activities.


9. Study somewhere other than the library

The library can get chaotic around finals. Having a huge beautiful campus means there are plenty of other places to study. Expand your horizons and check out these lesser-known study spots.


8. Actually read some of the textbook

Call me crazy. Now’s the time to at least skim some of those “required” readings.


7. Take breaks

Studies show that taking frequent breaks while studying actually increases the amount of information you’ll retain. So take a chill pill and catch up on that one show you’ve been meaning to watch.


6. Manage your time wisely

Time management is your friend. Cramming right before your final only results in mental breakdowns.


5. Get enough sleep

Sleep is good.


4. Don’t get distracted

Having to walk by all the folks enjoying life at Café  will be difficult, but you can resist the temptation of fun and happiness for a few more days.


3. Look at all these horrible exam schedules and feel better about yours

See, life’s not so bad.


2. Avoid all thoughts of graduation

Denial is key.


 1. Remember that summer is just around the corner

Whether you’re graduating or not, summer vacation is upon us. Unless you’re taking summer classes, then I’m sorry.


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