Kane’s Report Finds That Corbett Did Not Delay Sandusky Investigation For Political Reasons

Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s report into Gov. Tom Corbett’s handling of the Jerry Sandusky investigation did not find that he delayed it for politically motivated reasons, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The newspaper writes that Kane’s report does not use any accusatory language in reference to Corbett, who was Attorney General in March 2009 when the investigation of Sandusky began. The report did find that Sandusky’s home was not investigated until June 2011, possibly explaining why the investigation was lengthened. Corbett’s side argued that probable cause for a search did not exist until that June.

“There’s nothing in the available document record or witness interviews to support that Attorney General Corbett or anyone else in the OAG executive office at this time gave any instructions on how to conduct the investigation,” the Trib quotes part of the report.

The report even defends the contested point that using a statewide grand jury contributed to the length of the investigation. Corbett had said that was necessary “because of the complexity of the case and to compel testimony of reluctant witnesses,” according to the Trib.

Kane won the Attorney General election in 2012, running largely on a platform that promised an investigation of how Corbett handled Sandusky. The length of Corbett’s investigation had been called into question prior — it took three years for Sandusky’s indictment after the investigation’s commencement, and his office had granted the Second Mile a $3 million gift. It was expected that Kane’s report would be critical of the incumbent Republican, as she had said she would never put the case before a grand jury and had accused Corbett of playing politics with the investigation.

Kane’s investigation took longer than expected because of difficulty in obtaining pertinent records, and the entire report will be made available in a few weeks. The Trib does note that Kane’s report is “factual” rather than rhetorical, so the validity of some of Corbett’s actions will be left up to the judgment of the reader.

A special prosecutor met with Corbett last week regarding the investigation. Corbett is running against Tom Wolf in this year’s gubernatorial election.

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