‘Who Am I To Hog Another Man’s Bacon?’: Herb Hand Takes On Chopped

He had a pizza crawl named after him, so it only made sense that coach Herb Hand had a hand (see what I did there?) in last night’s Father’s Day special of “Chopped” on the Food Network. The endearing offensive line guru went head-to-head with three other fathers on the hit show to the delight of fans of novelty.

For those of you who have never seen the show, it goes like this: Four contestants each concoct a three-course meal to be scored by three guest judges. Sounds pretty easy, right? Here’s the kicker – they are required to incorporate four secret (and sometimes outrageous) ingredients. This week’s contestants had to tackle a number of ingredients, like scotch, that you wouldn’t exactly see in the dining halls.

Herb was poised and ready, and his steady preparation using footage from past episodes of “Chopped” pulled him through the first round with flying colors. His appetizer of salt & vinegar chip crusted Dover sole fillets featuring kale fried with bacon was a favorite among the judges.

By that point, a handful of people had taken it upon themselves to live-tweet the episode, making for a hilarious two-screen experience:

With three contestants going into the entrée round, Herb whipped up some rice noodles with peanut sauce topped with pan-seared lamb. Hand noted that he wasn’t a big fan of the presentation of the dish, and it ultimately would not be enough for him to move on to the dessert round. Twitter responded:

Herb might have lost, but the experience of watching one of our football coaches compete on “Chopped” (even though he filmed it while at Vanderbilt) was something else. And Herb enjoyed the experience every step of the way.

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