Try the Gym for Free This Friday

Watch out Frat Formal Friday, Free Fitness Friday is the new #FFF.

Are you one of the many students with a burning desire to try out the Penn State fitness facilities, but no cash to pay for the fitness membership that would necessitate? Well, you are in luck. This Friday, Sept. 5, Campus Recreation is holding FREE Fitness Friday (AKA, a little taste of every day life at the normal schools that don’t make you pay for a gym membership). For one day and one day only, you can try out several of our gym facilities and classes on campus, free of charge. No gym membership required.

The IM Building, White Building, and Rec Hall will all be open, and all of the classes are up for grabs. All you need is your Penn State ID. So if you feel like sweating or pretending to sweat while watching other people actually exercise (no judgment), be sure to hit up the campus gyms this Friday.

Whether it’s your freshman year and you’re trying to decide whether you want a gym membership or it’s senior year and you’re finally considering investing in your personal health, this Friday is your chance.

free fitness friday

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