Al Pacino Hints at Upcoming ‘Happy Valley’

The upcoming Joe Paterno biopic Happy Valley received much attention when it was revealed that the great Al Pacino would play the legendary football coach. Last time we covered the motion picture, a screenwriter told us that the movie would focus on Paterno’s life, not the scandal.

The only company attached to the film was Pacino’s talent agency, ICM. Furthermore, there is no indication of who else would be in the cast and where filming would take place.

While promoting his new film The Humbling, Pacino indicated that, yes, Happy Valley was still in production and Variety described the film as “ramping up.”

“It’s dangerous,” Pacino told the entertainment magazine. “So one has to understand it, what happened, and explore it and try to find the tragedy in it.”

Pacino shared more details in an interview with The Daily Beast.

You played Phil Spector and Jack Kevorkian. You also have Joe Paterno coming up for Happy Valley

Yeah, we’re working on that.

How’s that going?

It’s developing. I see [the story] as a major fall—it’s a fall of a person.

It’s Shakespearean, Paterno’s story.

It is! Did you see the documentary Happy Valley?

I did. It was very good.

Stunning movie. And I kept thinking, it’s not the story of Paterno—that’s part of it, but it’s about Happy Valley. And it’s about all of us. It’s the way it’s sort of depicted and the intensity and the thought and how it makes you think. You go feeling one way and you leave and you sort of don’t know what to do.

How’s it being back with Brian de Palma [who’s directing Happy Valley]?

love Brian. You know that. I love that guy. There’s a few things I am working on now. I am doing a new play with David Mamet.

Happy Valley is still awaiting a projected release date.

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