50 Shades of Drag Show Captivates Levels

Levels Nightclub hosted the 50 Shades of Drag Show featuring famous local and a few new Queens on Sunday night. The audience consisted of both seasoned veterans and “drag virgins.” The lovely host, Anita Coxxx, assured the audience that all of our “drag cherries” would be popped by the end of the night.

The night opened with a performance by Anita Coxxx herself, flagged by two backup dancers.


Ca$$andra Profit riled the crowd with her neon hair and lips.


Nicoletta Nightshade debuted with ‘Break Free.’

Nicoletta Nightshade Nicoletta Nightshade 2

Ivanna Coxxx, Anita’s daughter, absolutely killed it.

Ivanna Coxxx

Anja Dixon performed Hello Kitty, and When I Grow Up.

Anja Dixon


Two Kings came out to give a show. Duke Hazzard…

Duke Hazzard Duke Hazzard 2

…and Sam Ryder, singing Maps by Maroon 5.


Ca$$andra Profit came back with a spooky set, singing Oblivion by Grimes.

DSC14_0036 DSC14_0037 DSC14_0038

All in all, it was a phenomenal night with many talented performers. The drag community at Penn State is truly a diverse, vibrant group of people that can make anyone feel welcome – even when the Queen onstage is taking money from you with her teeth.


If you’re bummed that you missed out, don’t worry, Levels is hosting another drag show Nov. 9, 2014.

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