Penn State Things That Should Be Emojis

Go to your recent emojis. For many Penn Staters, there’s probably a blue heart, a football, the no-biking sign for when you go on a rant about how you almost got run over, and maybe the different tree emojis if you’ve recently taken a trip to the Arboretum.

But do you ever find yourself wishing there were specific Penn State emojis that could describe exactly what you were talking about? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are some iconic Penn State things, people, and places — “emojified.”

Canyon Pizza 


Oddly similar to the police car emoji…



Because sometimes the raise the roof, high five, and fist bump emojis aren’t enough to describe your love for THON.

Lion Shrine



An emoji of our beloved shrine puts the little lion emoji to shame.

The Chipmunk Logo



This would become the go-to Instagram caption for anything Penn State related.

Mike the Mailman



Sending a little virtual Mike the Mailman is guaranteed to brighten someone’s day.



The little tent emoji just doesn’t cut it when you’re talking about camping out at Nittanyville.

State Patty’s


For when the “Luck of the Irish” runs out, and you find yourself running to the bathroom.

We Are

 cool emoji

For when the chipmunk logo can’t describe your love for Penn State.

The Willard Preacher

willard preacher

The actual emoji of the guy casually walking in a red shirt could be used as the Willard Preacher doing what he does best — walking around and talking when no one is listening — but here he is, up close and personal.

What else would make for a good Penn State emoji? Let us know in the comments.

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