Fan Pees in Michigan Stadium, and Other Ejections From Saturday

Saturday night’s Penn State – Michigan matchup served as only the Wolverines’ third night game in the Big House. With a full afternoon to engage in alcohol-related activities and similar pre-game shenanigans before the 7 p.m. kick, police numbers suggest fans were especially rowdy come game time.

According to MLive and University of Michigan Division of Public Safety and Security spokeswoman Diane Brown, police made seven arrests during the game, and ejected 30 people. Five of the seven arrested were unlucky minors caught smuggling alcohol into the stadium, another resisted and obstructed police, and the seventh was taken away for disorderly conduct.

Sixteen of the 30 ejections were the result of entering the stadium with alcohol, 12 more were kicked out for disorderly conduct, one possessed fake ID, and one weak-bladdered enthusiast was caught publicly urinating within Michigan Stadium. Medical teams at the game treated 70 people for various reasons, 12 of whom were then taken to the hospital.

A whopping 113,085 supporters packed the Big House to see the Wolverines hold off the Nittany Lions, 18-13, so some revelry was to be expected. That number was more than 10,000 greater than the attendance for Michigan’s Big Ten opener against Minnesota two weeks ago.

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