Penn State Enrollment Numbers Surge Again

Penn State released its fall 2014 enrollment numbers yesterday, and it showed that the size of the student body remains on the rise.

At University Park, 46,068 students are enrolled at the campus this semester, an increase of more than 500 from last semester. The bulk of them are undergraduates, who make up 88 percent (40,541 students) of enrollment. Of them, 25,036 are in-state students. Given these numbers, it seems that Penn State will not have a problem holding its title as the 6th-largest student body in the country.

Numbers are up at commonwealth campuses and the World Campus, too. 95,973 students study at Penn State across all of its educational outlets, an increase of 2,000 compared to last fall. Across the 19 commonwealth campuses, enrollment is up by 703 students. Penn State Harrisburg tops the list with 4,519 undergraduate and graduate students, and Behrend campus follows shortly behind at 4,138 students. Overall, the commonwealth campuses attribute 31,041 undergraduates and graduate students to the university’s total enrollment numbers. The World Campus, meanwhile, had an impressive rise of 1,174.

This is the first year of a new data collection technique used by the university. In previous years, the university counted the total number of students enrolled in the World Campus the entire year, but this year it is only accounting for students in the program by individual semester. If the previous tactic were still in use, the university would boast more than 100,000 total students.

Other Penn State locations have seen an increase of 918 students, with a large portion coming from the university’s graduate programs. Penn State Law, Penn State’s Medical School in Hershey, and other various graduate programs have seen an increase of 325 students enrolled. Penn State Law’s number can likely be attributed, in part, to the heavy in-state tuition cuts for the law school.

If campuses continue to expand and enrollment numbers continue to increase, the future surely looks bigger and brighter for Penn State.

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