#PSU24 To Showcase Who We Are

This week, Penn State is sponsoring a social media campaign “to showcase the many moments and experiences that make up a day at Penn State, on campuses around Pennsylvania, and at locations around the world.”

Aptly named #PSU24, the campaign will showcase 24 hours in the life of Penn State. The campaign begins Thursday at sunrise — 7:32 a.m. — and concludes at sunrise on Friday.

“There is so much happening all day, every day in the Penn State community, and we want to highlight the vast number of experiences Penn Staters share each day that make our community what it is,” said Penn State Social Media Manager Geoff Rushton. “Whether it’s a World Campus student studying on the other side of the world, or a staff member working on campus overnight, Penn State really never sleeps. This is a great opportunity to spotlight the incredible spirit of Penn Staters and the impact they are making every day.”

According to the #PSU24 campaign, this is who we are:

“We are late nights at the library and research in the lab. We are camping out at Nittanyville and doing jobs that keep the campus running. We are in classrooms on campus, studying abroad and using technology to learn around the world. We are volunteering and learning to succeed. All day, every day, we are making an impact. Penn State never sleeps.”

To participate, use the hashtag #PSU24 to share your photos, videos, and messages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vine. Submissions will be featured here.

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