Found At The Penn State Bookstore

If the only time you find yourself at the Penn State Bookstore is when you’re picking up textbooks, you’re missing out. We took a trip to the store’s temporary mobile home on the HUB lawn to browse the items currently in stock and prove that point, finding some rather interesting stuff.

vera bradley bookstore

If a trip to the Nittany Mall doesn’t fit into your busy schedule, Vera Bradley, Polo, and Alex and Ani are all hiding (in plain sight) in the back of the bookstore. Hey, mom and dad will never have to know that money they gave you isn’t actually going toward books, right?

bamboo bookstore

Just because you can make something blue and white and put a paw print on it doesn’t mean that you should. There’s a whole section of bamboo products with the Nittany Lion on them (Why? I have no idea), but this Bamboo Salt & Storage Box was by far the most random.

air freshener bookstore

Based on the nonexistent scent and faded color, these bad boys have probably lost all hope of seeing the inside of a car.

tape measurebookstore

This Penn State Tape Measure’s got that shiny little sticker, so it’s obviously legit.

thimble bookstore

I’m no Martha Stewart, but I can’t imagine that sewing with that protruding logo would be easy.

key chain bookstoreanimals bookstore

If you’ve ever wanted to start a Penn State Zoo made up entirely of keychains, look no further.

animals bookstore

Nittany… Alligator?

cologne bookstore

According to the creators of the Penn State fragrance line, the scents include: the iconic blue and white, the grace of Old Main, and the loyalty of the Nittany Lion. Which all combine to a “classic, elegant, and passionate” fragrance, somehow.


Everyone knows the textbooks are overpriced, but they aren’t the only overpriced items to be found at the Bookstore.

At first, I looked at the tag of this large, plush Nittany Lion and saw the price marked as $50. What a steal! Unfortunately, upon further examination, I realized the tag I originally looked at was just for the jersey he was wearing. It costs $50 for a jersey for a stuffed animal, and this, sadly, is not a steal. However, the actual stuffed animal inside of said jersey can be yours for the not-so-low price of…$585! If you’re like me, you don’t even have that many dining dollars left, let alone real person dollars.

lion bookstore

Although there’s plenty of Penn State swag available at the bookstore for under $25, why own 20 sweatshirts when you could have one very special stuffed lion?

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