Off-Campus Student Union to Host Borough Roundtable

Student, borough, and community leaders will have the opportunity to meet and discuss town relations tonight at 6:30 p.m. in the HUB as part of the Off-Campus Student Union’s “Borough Roundtable” event.

The event, which is held semi-annually, covers topics of “town and gown” relations, referring to the two distinct communities of State College: the non-academic population and the university community. Matters such as landlord accountability, safety, and alcohol-related incidents are among the topics of community importance that will be discussed, with the objective of starting a dialogue between the student leaders and the borough and university leaders.

Among those present at the discussion will be President Eric Barron, Penn State Police Chief Tyrone Parham, Vice President for Student Affairs Damon Sims, and Borough Manager Tom Fountaine. Recently, Sims announced that a winter music and film festival called THAW is taking place in State College over State Patty’s Day, a notable town and gown effort.

Every 15 minutes throughout the event, student leaders will rotate to different tables, giving the leaders of the diverse groups on campus the ability to interact and share their varied viewpoints with borough leaders. There will be five different rotations for the student leaders in order for them to interact with every borough and university leader at the event.

The two-hour roundtable event will be held in Room 129A in the HUB.

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