Halloween Penn State Pumpkin Carving Stencils

We asked to see your Penn State pumpkins last week. We received some awesome Nittany Lion spirit featured on everyone’s favorite member of the squash family, but were underwhelmed with the number of submissions, which can only mean one thing — you don’t want to embarrass yourself by carving a Penn State logo into a pumpkin only to have it look like a sad oval with a maze inside. Have no fear. We’re here to help with all of your Penn State pumpkin carving needs.

But first, check out these awesome stately pumpkins.

Pumpkin collage

If the thought of going all Martha Stewart on a pumpkin gives you bad flashbacks to coloring outside the lines, don’t worry: we created easy to follow Penn State pumpkin stencils. Brush up on your pumpkin carving skills before attempting any of the below.

(Note: The white areas are the parts you carve, where light will shine through.)

The Classic Logo

This carving has two variations. The one on the left is more intricate and difficult than the option on the right, but both produce a similar result.

pumpkin 1pumpkin 2

Home Is Where The Heart Is

For those of you who aren’t spending Halloween in Happy Valley.

pa pumpkin

One Team

Modeled after the mantra that is seen all around campus on sweatshirts and t-shirts, this idea is more conducive to a short, fat pumpkin.

Old Main

Calling all architect majors, this pumpkin is for you. Find a tall, skinny pumpkin and take your best shot at carving the bell tower.

The Best For Last

This pumpkin puts the rest to shame, for obvious reasons.

If you attempt one of our stenciled pumpkin carvings, take a picture and tag us! 

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