Onward Debate: Where Is The Best Place To Party?

It’s happy hour on a Friday night as you and your friends sit in a tight circle and carefully plan your attack on the evening. You all casually drink Nattys, do shots, and get ready as you all contemplate what the night has in store for everyone.

In the distance, Bobby Shmurda can be heard, and then it finally hits you: It’s the weekend.

There have been rumors all week about an apartment party downtown with copious amounts of jungle juice and a house party on West College that has two kegs. Also, all of frat row is hosting a social.

With too many variables to account for, one must ask him or herself: Where will the best party take place? Fortunately, we’re here to help:

Apartment Parties – Jack Lukow

There is something to be realized about the importance of a party. Parties are supposed to be for social gatherings, key word here being social. Getting to know people is the prime function of parties, getting drunk is just the easiest way to help that process out. So, with that in mind, it is impossible for any other party location to be as perfect as the apartment party.

Three key factors should go into deciding whether an environment is suitable for a party: atmosphere, alcohol (price, availability, and quantity), and attendance. The atmosphere in an apartment party is perfect for all walks of life, other than frat bros that are confused as to why a line of shots isn’t being taken and the dance music is distinguishable. Music is normally at an appropriate level, not impeding on conversations, but also filling any empty or awkward gaps.

Alcohol at an apartment party is, again, the perfect mixture of things. Whether it be a B.Y.O.B. event, which is cheaper than the bar, a small fee-based system, or just a friendly keg in the corner, alcohol is either a mid-level hit on the wallet, or completely free.

Availability is really where the apartment party shines in the alcohol department. No waiting in line for a Natty. No pestering the bar tender while she runs seven other people their drinks. It’s just you, a Gatorade tank full of jungle juice, and a cup. Quantity really depends on who is throwing the party, but also can be compensated for with a backup flask and some mixers.

Attendance is, again, perfect at an apartment party. It’s almost guaranteed to be friendly faces, most of which you will already know, but there will still be a large opportunity to meet new faces. Or, if you are attending a friend’s party, the host is always a friendly and easy way to meet everyone at the party. Introduce yourself, mingle, and get to know people. It’s easier, more fun, and not an assault on all of your senses.

Fraternity Row – Hailey Rohn

There is nothing quite as exciting as attending a frat party! As someone who went one time freshman year while stone cold sober, I consider myself a forefront expert on all frat parties. Probably the most exciting part of any night is the hunt for a frat party to go to. I can’t even begin to describe how much fun it is getting catcalled and harassed for walking down the street – a real treat.

And ratios! How exciting is it to have to pick your entire group based on gender. And then the frat itself – lukewarm Natty Light, dark lighting, and deafening music. Not to mention the certain heartbreak that goes along with an appreciation for architecture. Either way, the best nights are filled with dancing your friends away from boys, fighting off the sweaty masses of bodies, and — oh god, don’t look over there in the corner.

The Phyrst – Zach Berger

In case you haven’t had the chance to read my plethora of posts on the best bar in town, I want to reiterate once again that the Phyrst is the best place in town to party. I apologize to the under-ragers reading this who feel left out, but you’ll get there one day and appreciate the best bar in State College for yourself.

The Phyrst has something special that you quite simply can’t find anywhere else in town. There are the beautiful Phyrst Girls behind the bar, the pool tables as a reprieve from the music, live bands 365 days a year, and an overall incredible atmosphere that can’t be topped.

The house special drinks and happy hour specials are great, but the Phyrst is really about a lot more than alcohol. Of course, I’ve never been to the Phyrst without drinking, but even so, the bar just has a vibe that isn’t available at any frat or apartment party in town. If you’re a chill-at-a-table-and-sip-a-beer kind of partier or a watch-a-great-band-and-rage kind of partier, the Phyrst has everything you need.

Any Other Bar – Jonathan Deasy

Sure, the Phyrst has pool tables, live bands every night, and blowjob shots, but with over 10 bars in the downtown area, there’s more to choose from than just the stereotypical college bar.

Hypothetically, let’s say it is in fact Friday night and you’re strapped with an insurmountable amount of cash. Yes, you can buy a fifth of Jägermeister and call it a night, but doesn’t listening to a live band with an endless supply of alcohol seem a little more appealing? At the bar, it seems a little less college. You aren’t forced to drink $10 vodka or warm natty light, you have autonomy. Jack & Coke? No problem.

The bar scene is the most social on a Friday night, as each bar is packed to the max with students who share one common intention: to get drunk and have a good time. It’s the perfect place to meet new people. Or, you can do something really stupid in front of everyone with no real social ramifications (except getting kicked out).

The Rathskeller has three rooms able to hold hundreds of students and alumni alike. At the Z-Bar or Zeno’s, you can get any craft beer of your choice at the drop of a hat. You can dance your ass off at Indigo. Or, you can play pool at Sharkie’s and split a pitcher with your friends. The point that can’t be stressed enough is the freedom of choice, a liberty that isn’t easily utilized at frats, houses, or apartments.

If you are over 21, it’s important to limit just how much money you need to take out to the bar. You can search for hours, but you can’t justify ordering bottle service at Indigo. You’re not Ryan Lochte, you’re in college. Just be smart and avoid that hesitant bank account check in the morning.

House Parties- Zack Rickens

One of the many things I’ve learned in my nearly four years of college debauchery is that houses are the best places to gather on weekends. Don’t get me wrong, apartments, bars, and frats can all hold their own when it comes to parties, but nothing compares to a good old-fashioned three-story banger.

As a GDI, I get more excited about going to house parties than other places during the weekend. Simply put, house parties offer more. Where else can you play Kan Jam on the front yard while drunkenly yelling at a passerby? Not into yard games? Go hit the dance floor. Not into dancing? The possibilities are endless and there is always a certain section of the house that accommodates anyone’s preferences.

Bars and apartments impede on people’s preferences. If your friends want to go to Indigo, chances are you’ll be dancing all night. Heading to the Gaff? Expect to hear amateurs belting throwback songs all night. House parties offer a mix of just about everything.

You can fit more people into a house than an apartment (or a bar for that matter). Chances are if you’re at said house, you probably know most of the people there, unlike a crowded bar or frat. No need to pay a cover charge or know a brother to get in. Walk in the front door of that house and explore its potential.

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About the Author

Jon Deasy

is a senior majoring in criminology from the Steel City. You can find him at the Rathskeller on a Saturday or in the library at four in the morning. He plans to attend law school in the future and enjoys writing about college kids committing the most comical crimes in State College. When he’s not busy, he’s aimlessly staring at his Twitter, @jon_deasy. You can reach him via email at [email protected].

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