Beaver Stadium Field Intruder Wanted ‘Something Crazy to Happen’

During this Saturday’s football game against Michigan State (while you were either busy avoiding eye contact with the scoreboard or hiding in the bathroom), senior David Jo displayed some impressive stealth for 99,000-plus to see.

In the middle of fourth quarter, Jo waltzed past the ushers, hopped over the railing, tiptoed past the police officers, and ran through the end zone while play was stopped. To those watching Jo, it appeared he was in the clear — until an usher stopped him when he tried to reenter the student section.

Since it was his last game as a student, Jo knew he wanted “something crazy to happen,” he said. He proposed the idea of running on the field, and his friends and the people around him liked the idea. One of his friends said he’d pay him $100, but Jo wasn’t in it for the money, and planned to follow through regardless.

Halfway through the fourth quarter, Jo decided to go for it. Without particularly thinking through his plan, he made his way across the field, pumping up the south end zone as he passed by.

Jo didn’t have a plan of action, and though he assumed he’d be swarmed with cops immediately, he wasn’t. In fact, he made it across the entire length of the end zone without being accosted.

Once he was caught by the ushers, Jo cooperated. After being handcuffed to a chair, Jo was let go. He was told that he will not face criminal charges, but he was cited for trespassing and disorderly conduct. In addition, Jo was fined for his actions. He said he hasn’t even checked the total for the fines, but he has 10 days to take care of them.


Aside from being upset that no one got it on video, Jo said it was really fun and totally worth it.

“I can now say I’ve played on a college field,” Jo said.

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