Day: December 3, 2014

Mark Cuban’s ‘Cyber Dust’ App Wants to Donate to Your THON Org

Looking for a way to keep control of the privacy of your texts while raising money for THON? Cyber Dust, the Mark Cuban-backed application that has been called "WhatsApp meets Snapchat," will make a donation in the name of the most active Penn State organizations on the app.

Beaver Stadium Field Intruder Wanted ‘Something Crazy to Happen’

At this Saturday's game, Senior David Jo made it across the entire length of the end zone without being caught.

The Marquette Connection: DJ Newbill and The Scholarship That Wasn’t

Buzz Williams, the man who cut him loose in that ethically questionable move, will be on the sideline across from him for the first time on Wednesday, when the Hokies of Virginia Tech come to town. For the first time since high school, Newbill will get to show off his skills in front of the man who would have been his coach. That storyline doesn't much concern Newbill, though.

Deep Breaths, Folks: The 6-6 Football Season Wasn’t a Disaster

We're here to quell your fears and pour an ice cold bucket of water on the fiery anger and worry that you feel about Penn State football. This season wasn't the disaster that it seemed to be.

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