12 Things to Buy for Your Secret Santa Downtown

It’s that time of the year again! A time to get together with your favorite orgs and do a little Secret Santa before a long winter break apart. If you’re anything like me, this time can be just as stressful as it is enjoyable. You’re either broke, paired up with someone you hardly know, or just plain awful at gift shopping. Or some horrendous mixture of the three.

That said, here is your guide to Secret Santa shopping on a budget.

1. Penn State Bow in Pink ($7.99) — These bows are all the rage and there are like 20 different versions to pick from. Good for your girly girls, and maybe as a prank gift for a guy with one of those sexy man buns.


2. Penn State Fuzzy Socks ($6.99) — They don’t look like much, but let me tell ya, the person you’re Secret Santa shopping for will be in love with you come January when the real State College winter sets in. They’d be perfect with Ugg boots or duck boots, for girls or guys. Yeah, boys wear fuzzy socks. Even if they don’t want to admit it.


3. Plastic Glitter Wine Glass ($9.99) — I think we all have one of those friends who likes wine just a litttttttttttle too much. Why not play the enabler and buy them a fancy Penn State wine glass? The bad news is your guy friends will hate it, but the good news is that it’s dishwasher safe!


4. Penn State Polka Dot Koozie feat. Bow ($7.99) — Again, this is geared more towards your girl friends, but Penn Staters are crazy for koozies. This would be a nice addition to a six-pack of your buddy’s favorite beer.


5. Teeny Tiny Lil Mug Shot Glass ($6.99) — Okay, here’s something the guys would love. For whatever reason, mugs are manly, so I guess that applies to miniature ones too? Whatever, they’re adorable and everyone could use another shot glass.


6. Nittany Lion Loofa ($3.99) — I don’t know about you guys but I take my shower time very seriously and I would love nothing more than for someone to gift me a cute little Nittany Lion loofa. It’s useful, dirt cheap, and cute as a button. How can you say no to that?


7. Penn State Tooth Brush ($5.99) — I’m including this because the idea that anyone would ever need a Penn State tooth brush is hilarious to me. It’s the perfect gag gift, and is guaranteed to send whoever you’re giving it to into hysterics, because that’s what happened to me.


8. Penn State Back Scratcher ($2.99) — This one also kind of cracked me up, but I wouldn’t hate it if someone bought it for me. I think we’ve all had a back itch at one point or another that our roommates weren’t home to scratch. Boom — problem solved.


9. Herlocher’s Dipping Mustard ($5.99) — This stuff is seriously delicious and you can eat it on anything. Take it from someone who eats this regularly on pizza, sandwiches, crackers, and, dare I say it, even Bagel Bites. I kid you not, this is the best condiment you’ll ever eat, and you’ll never find anything like it anywhere else.


10. Penn State Cowbell ($5.99) — Because everyone needs more cowbell.


11. Penn State Pretzel Fudgies ($6.99) — Almost anything covered in fudge is a dream come true. These would be perfect for that finals week stress eating.


12.Penn State Sports T-Shirt ($8.99) — This gift is more for those of you who are desperate. They have a shirt for just about every sport and, if for nothing else, your gift recipient could tear it up for a gym shirt or for a sporting event.


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