Rally In Solidarity for Law Enforcement Scheduled for Friday

A rally in solidarity for law enforcement in which members of the Penn State Emergency Medical Services Association plan to take part is scheduled for this Friday, from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. on the steps of Old Main.

“In recent weeks, law enforcement across the nation has been portrayed in a negative light and we feel it is time to stand up and show our support for the men and women who keep us safe everyday,” said Cassie Cigich and Dustin Neumann in a letter on the Facebook event.

Under the description for the rally on Facebook it says, “this is a Penn State University approved event.”

“We filled out an outdoor space reservation form with the HUB Management Office, just like any other organization on campus can do,” Cigich said.

The outdoor space reservation was approved on Monday.

Since receiving confirmation for the event, they’ve invited other campus organizations to attend the rally. So far, Penn State Young Americans for Freedom confirmed they will be in attendance.

On the Facebook page, it asks those planning to attend the rally and wishing to show support to put “We (I) Support Law Enforcement” on any signs or posters.

“This rally is not meant to be in response to any other rallies that have taken place but is strictly meant to support our law enforcement officers,” according to the Facebook event.

According to Cigich, the main goal of the rally is to support law enforcement officers across the nation.

“We believe that now more than ever that our law enforcement officers need our support,” Cigich said. “We hope that the University and surrounding communities can come out and show their support to these officers.”

Cigich added President Barron will be invited to the rally.

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