Penn State Players Receive Pinstripe Bowl Swag

Penn State football players may not have been gifted with a bowl game in a warm weather environment, but they received numerous presents to sweeten the deal of playing in the Bronx two days after Christmas.

Because many bowls carry several corporate sponsors, student-athletes playing in these post-season showdowns often rake in serious swag. The New Era Pinstripe Bowl, which Penn State will play in against Boston College next Saturday, is one of the few bowls that does not disclose the packages it gives to its participants. Fortunately, freshman tackle Chance Sorrell tweeted a photo of the bundle of goods that the bowl hooked him up with.

The pile of early Christmas presents seems to be a mixture of New Era merchandise, New York memorabilia, and even an Apple TV.

A nationally televised game at Yankee Stadium and a heap of new toys. Not a bad deal.

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