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The Best Jungle Juice Recipes for Sylly Week

As the temperatures drop below freezing and students gradually arrive in Happy Valley for another four months of classes, it can only mean one thing: Spring Semester Sylly Week is finally upon us.

Whether you’re throwing a banger or a pregame, it would be nothing without some potent jungle juice. The norms of college suggest throwing a bunch of shit together into a gallon-sized cooler last minute. Unfortunately, no matter how optimistic you may be, it never turns out the way you envisioned. So, to help you improve your party-throwing abilities tenfold, here are eight jungle juice recipes that will get you feeling, well, sylly.

Pink Beer 

What you’ll need:

-6 liters of pink lemonade

-A handle and a fifth of vodka

-A six-pack of Natty Light

To get the ball rolling, dump four and half liters of that pink lemonade into a container of your choice. Next, add two liters of vodka. Since one handle of vodka is 1.75 liters, you’ll need an extra fifth to get the proportions right. Common courtesy suggests serving shots with the leftover vodka. Finally, top it off with six 12-ounce cans of Natty Light and then stir it all together.

This will make approximately 10 to 12 servings, so plan accordingly for however many people you plan to have.

Miracle Frat Punch

What you’ll need:

-A fifth of Everclear

-A fifth of 99 Grapes

-A fifth of pineapple vodka

-A fifth of coconut rum

-4 liters of Sprite

-1 liter of pink lemonade

-3 to 4 oranges

Please, don’t stress over the proportions with this one. All you need to do is slice up those oranges and dump every last bit alcohol and soda into a container over ice and stir well.

Loko Punch

What you’ll need:

-10 5-Hour Energy bottles

-8 cans of Red Bull

-2 fifths of Everclear

-1 handle of cheap gin or vodka

-4 liters of Sprite

-2 cans of Country Time Lemonade

-Water to dull taste, if needed

Prepare to have your face melted, or the very least forget your name. The Four Loko discontinued their caffeinated drinks and moved on to duller, less lethal drinks. Mix up a bucket of this and relive the glory days of those caffeinated Four Lokos. Again, you don’t have to worry about proportions here. Just make sure you mix it well and serve with ice.

Mango Mojito Punch

What you’ll need:

-A handle of white rum

-2 liters of soda water

-2 liters of Sprite or 7up

-A fifth of spiced rum

-Mint leaves

-1 lime, sliced

-Sugar (dependent on how sweet you want it to be)

-1 mango, cubed

-1 pineapple, cubed

If you plan on making a statement for any fancy guests you may be hosting, this is the jungle juice to make. Otherwise, this is probably not the best drink to have at a college party because of its awkward and unappetizing look. However, if served at a pregame with your close friends, it’s most likely to create a good time. The original recipe doesn’t list any measurements or proportion sizes, therefore it’s best to just keep it simple and slice the fruits then dump everything over ice. A pro tip would suggest mashing the fruits and mint leaves together before adding the ice and alcohol.

Blue Hawaiian Jungle Juice

What you’ll need:

-A fifth of white rum

-2 fifths of coconut rum

-A fifth of blue curaçao

-2 cans of pineapple juice

-1 bottle of orange-pineapple juice

-1 pineapple, sliced

-1 orange, sliced

There’s never been a more perfect couple than coconut and blue curaçao. What better jungle juice to have at, say, a Hawaiian-themed party?

Gummi Bear Jungle Juice

What you’ll need:

-A fifth of Everclear

-A handle of cheap vodka

-A six-pack of light beer

-2 liters of ginger ale

-1 large can of Country Time Lemonade Mix

-A fifth of pomegranate vodka

This jungle juice is designed to taste exactly like vodka soaked gummy bears while simultaneously saving you from the pounds of sugar loaded in those tasty snacks. If you want up the ante a little bit, soak some gummy bears in vodka the night before and then add them to the juice for the party. Simply put, it’s the Inception-esque gummy bear alcohol that’s guaranteed to have your head spinning after a couple of sips.

Strawberry Watermelon Jungle Juice

What you’ll need:

-A fifth of Everclear

-2 fifths of watermelon schnapps

-A fifth of strawberry schnapps

-3, six-quart containers of strawberry-lemonade mix

-1 watermelon, cubed

-1 pound of strawberries, halved

If you’re not so much into candy or Gummi Bears, a healthier alternative is right around the aisle. Fruit is a good way to go as strawberry and watermelon were practically made for each other. Give this jungle juice a try for tasty and healthy night on the town.

Standard Jungle Juice

What you’ll need:

-1 liter of Everclear

-3 handles of vodka

-A fifth of peach schnapps

-1 pint of Bacardi 151 rum

-A fifth of 99 Apples Schnapps

-10 liters of Sprite

-1 liter of Sunny D Orange Juice

-A fifth of triple sec

-1 handle of gin

-A fifth of Dekuyper Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps

-4 bottles of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill Wine

-8 liters of Hawaiian Punch

-2 containers of orange juice concentrate

-Fruit (any and however much you’d like)

This is a step up from your average jungle juice as this one is loaded all different types of alcohol ranging from wine to Everclear. This concoction is for the mother of all parties. Judging by how many different things are in this, it’s enough to serve at least a hundred people, guaranteeing you to start the semester in the right or wrong direction, however you may see it.

Regardless of what you put in it, the pregame jungle juice is just the beginning of sylly week. We’re wishing a safe, legal, and fun sylly week to all!

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