DOTD: Musical Masterpiece “State College is a Happy Valley Place” Pays Tribute to State College

State College finally has its own anthem, courtesy of one very bizarre Spotify artist: “The Guy Who Writes Songs About Cities & Towns.” The song, a work of musical artistry,  is entitled “State College is a Happy Valley Place,” and appears on his newly released album, “Pennsylvania Songs: PA Exciting.”

The lyrics, which appear in full below, are just full of thoughtful, accurate, and innovative vocabulary that perfectly describes Happy Valley: “nice,” “great,” “wonderful.” You can tell he really put some time into finding just the right words. He also notes that we’ve “got a lotta nice people.” Accuracy: check. I’m looking at you, Mike the Mailman.

Our musical genius has a complete understanding of this town that we call home. Take for example this piece of poetry: “Got a lot of nice people and they’re havin’ lots of fun, yes they are in Happy Valley.” Having lots of fun (read: sex) is most certainly right, sir.

And you know what else this guy gets? #culture, that’s what. He knows that Penn Staters love to “cheer on the college team when the college team is playing the game.” Which game? Honestly, who the fuck cares? It’s the college team.

Although disc one of his two-disc 93-song album caters mostly to the central regions of the Commonwealth, disc two gets at the eastern part of the state. Maybe there’s a song in there about your hometown “right outside of Philly.” And fear not, “The Guy Who Writes Songs about Cities & Towns” doesn’t confine his musical talent just to Pennsylvania. He covers the country from California to New Jersey and slides right on into the midwest with an album called “Illinois IL Song Fun Yeah.” International student? He’s got an France, Canada, Australia, and the UK covered.

Experience the magic for yourself, and please do sing along.

State College, Pennsylvania

What a nice Happy Valley

Oh yeah, Penn State University

Teachin’ all the people in State College


Oh yeah, What a wonderful area

Oh yeah, best place in the whole wide world

It’s a Happy Valley, oh yeah

State College, got a lot of nice people, oh yeah

State College is a quaint and wonderful American area, oh yeah

They call it Happy Valley cuz everybody’s happy

It’s the least stressful place in the United States, oh yeah

Get your education in Happy Valley at Penn State, oh yeah

State College, it’s so nice and it’s so great and it’s so wonderful

Oh yeah, cheer the college team when the college team is playing the game

Oh yeah, the Penn State Nittany Lions

Go team, go

State College, Pennsylvania

Such a wonderful area

So much cool stuff goin’ on

In State College it’s a Happy Valley

Got a lot of nice people and they’re havin’ lots of fun

Yes they are in Happy Valley


State College, State College

What a wonderful area

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