New App Lets Parents, Professors Know If You Skip Class

Well, this sucks: A new app created by startup Core Principle Inc. allows professors, administrators, and, worst of all, parents, to know if you’re skipping class.

The app, named Class120, could become a nightmare for the extra lazy among us. According to its website, 25 percent of college students miss a year’s worth of class throughout their careers, with students missing a semester’s worth on average. App company CEO Jeff Whorley told USA Today that students spend $31 billion in missed classes annually.

In more bad news, the app works very simply — the student and parents download the app, and the student’s phone will automatically notify parents if they aren’t in their classroom with a charged phone when the class starts. It also compiles attendance data throughout semesters so parents can keep track. Universities and athletic departments can also contact Class120 for implementation of the app.


Luckily, the app seems unreasonably priced at the moment for it to take hold. At $17.99 a month or $199.99 a year, I don’t imagine many parents will have such little faith in their kids to spend that kind of coin. Currently, 2,000 people are using the app, and USA Today says the company hopes to have 5,000 using it by fall. At the moment, mostly small schools have students using the app, but USA Today reported that the developer has a contract with an unnamed midsize school that will implement the app across campus.

Let’s hope Penn State doesn’t become one of those so we can keep our Friday personal days going strong.

Photo: Valley Magazine

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