Day: February 17, 2015

Sandy Barbour Defends Pat Chambers, Talks Bowl Revenue

In an interview on the Steve Jones Show, Barbour defended men's basketball coach Patrick Chambers, addressed the impact the returned bowl revenue has on the Penn State athletic department, and also touched on cost of attendance and freshman ineligibility.

Bill Parcells Could Have Been Hired As Penn State’s Coach After Paterno’s Firing

As outrageous and far-fetched as this seems, Bill Parcells was in the conversation as a potential replacement for the fired Joe Paterno in the wake of the Sandusky scandal.

Help Pat Chambers Pay His $10,000 Big Ten Fine

Through our GoFundMe page, you can help Pat Chambers (or Uplifting Athletes) receive retribution for simply telling the truth.

IFC/Panhel To Allow Limited Social Events During State Patty’s Weekend

In addition to the bars in State College staying open, IFC and Panhel will allow for some social functions this year during State Patty's weekend.

President Barron Accepts All 18 Sexual Assault Task Force Recommendations

Penn State President Eric Barron has accepted all 18 of the recommendations that the university’s Task Force on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment announced at the end of January.

Home Football Attendance Up Five Percent, Top Five Nationally

Football attendance increased by over 5,000 people per game this year, and remained in the top five nationally.

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