Best Fanny Packs Of THON 2015

According to the unspoken rules of THON, breaking out the 90s fanny pack is a must. This weekend, fanny packs were resurrected from the dead and made to look “cool.” Some THONners really stepped it up, and here are some favorites of this year’s THON:

Classic Neon

Freshman 2015 171

A lot of fanny packs this weekend dawned the neon trend, but this one was particularly inspiring because it embraced the main draw of THON — the dancing. Although this fanny is slightly reserved, we couldn’t help but appreciate the bright color and impactful words.

Punny Fanny

Freshman 2015 175

What’s better than a little joke to fuel your sleep deprivation? Tame in its color, this fanny provides a nice pun to summarize the fun of wearing fannies and dancing ALL WEEKEND.


Freshman 2015 186 Freshman 2015 184

Sequins dominated the fanny pack trend at THON. Handmade, bejeweled packs were also common and allowed an air of originality for the wearer. Although they didn’t surpass the neon fanny in popularity, they are clearly becoming a close contender.


Freshman 2015 187

This was one of my favorites. It’s so original and the only fruit-themed fanny pack that I found. And what’s even better is that the watermelon fanny helps us to envision summer days full of sunshine, which are coming soon. Hopefully.

Flower Power

Freshman 2015 179

A spin on the neon fanny, these flower covered packs play into the boho trend that is taking the world by storm. Should we expect anything less than a matching flower headband?


Freshman 2015 183 Freshman 2015 185

There’s nothing better than a frog fanny. It even embraced the sequin trend that grew in popularity this weekend. And the unicorn fanny is even better, showing the fun and mystical feeling of THON.

Jammy Pack

Freshman 2015 181

That’s right. This is not only a fanny pack, but it also serves as a speaker. What could be better?! Definitely the winner of best fanny of the weekend.

Photos: Caitlyn Edgell

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