Once A THON Dancer, Alumnus Now Photographs FTK

We met, by complete accident, the ultimate Penn Stater. Perry Bindelglass graduated from Penn State, has attended eight THONs, and now donates his professional services to Four Diamonds.

Bindelglass graduated in 2008, the same year he danced in THON for the Blue and White Society, and he’s sporting the same fanny pack today that he wore when he danced. Bindelglass was sitting in a box behind press row when we met, and he let us in on a little secret. His first THON, he took a quick power nap in one of the empty rows for press.

The year after he graduated, he reached out to Four Diamonds to donate his services as a professional photographer. “My favorite part is working with the kids, they’re why I do it,” Bindelglass said.

When he’s not taking pictures in the BJC, he works as a full-time photographer. He’s photographed everyone from kids to presidents, and for non-profits both at home and abroad. On his website, he says he enjoys using his photography to help others, by raising awareness and money for causes he believes in. Some of his clients include The New York Times, The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, Vanity Fair, Forbes, and The White House.

This is his tenth year involved with THON, and the eighth one he’s attended. For two years, he wasn’t in State College. But he still spread the word about THON wherever he went. He’s photographed people in places like Egypt and Rwanda throwing up the diamonds.

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“I absolutely plan to keep doing this,” Bindelglass said. “I love it.”

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