We Rounded Up The Best Hairstyles Around The BJC

THON takes an insane amount of preparation. Ask any dancer and they’ll talk you through their weeks of cardio, diet, and endurance preparations for the big weekend. Some THON participants, prepare their bodies in a slightly different way. This THON preparation only takes a half hour and some clippers or trimmers. That’s right, the FTK haircuts are here! It’s not hard to find some great do’s walking around the floor and the concourse. Here are some of our favorites:

THON-2823 THON-2819  THON-2856 THON-2847  THON-2859 THON-2862 THON-2843 IMG_20150221_031819_994

Photos by Greg Zuber

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Greg is a junior Industrial Engineering major from northern New Jersey (not near the Scarlet and White institution we have recently made such a friendly acquaintance with). He is a passionate fan of the New York Rangers as well as a Penn State Men's Hockey season ticket holder. Free time usually taken up by the Penn State Marching Blue Band trumpet section, IM sports, and engineering homework. Follow on twitter (@Uber_Zuber) for unfunny anecdotes and retweets from sports accounts. Contact otherwise at [email protected]


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