Atlas, ZTA-ATO Top THON 2015 Fundraisers

All of the orgs that raise money for THON deserve recognition, of course. For the orgs that consistently rank among the top fundraisers, they find some extra motivation in maintaining that top spot.

And for THON 2015, this year’s top fundraisers were no different from the 2014 edition. Atlas raised the most money of all orgs, accumulating a whopping $470,347 for the kids. Next up, and leading all Greek orgs, was Zeta Tau Alpha and Alpha Tau Omega at $319,949. Meanwhile, Altoona and the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences led Commonwealth campuses and general orgs.

Here’s the rundown of the fundraising leaders from THON 2015:

Commonwealth Campuses

5. Behrend (Erie): $46,119.19
4. Fayette: $70,252.06
3. Berks: $74,568.11
2. Mont Alto: $01,948.87
1. Altoona: $111,099.44

General Orgs

5. Club Swim: $57.638.58
4. Boulevard: $73,516.65
3. Phi Gamma Nu: $89,296.74
2. Phi Chi Theta: $93,146.26
1. College of Earth and Mineral Sciences: $137,763.29


5. Kappa Delta Rho/Sigma Delta Tau: $211,249.97
4. Acacia/Gamma Phi Beta: $239,690.46
3. Sigma Chi/Alpha Omicron Pi: $246,786.66
2. Lambda Chi/Alpha Sigma Alpha: $266,983.46
1. Zeta Tau Alpha/Alpha Tau Omega: $319,949.85

Special Interest

5. Foto: $100,339.49
4. Apollo: $157,501.18
3. Ohana: $227,754.44
2. Springfield: $270,015.49
1. Atlas: $470,347.55

Every top spot was the same as it was in 2014 — but impressively, three of the four the orgs raised more money than they did last year. In 2014, Atlas raised $390,366.06, for a jump of about $80,000(!), the biggest jump of all leading orgs. ZTA-ATO was the only org not to top last year’s total, when they raised $375,811.35. EMS beat its previous mark of $110,114.67, and Altoona beat its 2014 number of about $107,000.

Huge congrats to not just these, but every organization that worked their butts off to raise more than $13 million for the kids.

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