Calder Commons Bans Parties For State Patty’s Day Weekend

The crackdown on State Patty’s Day parties continues. Calder Commons residents received a memo yesterday informing them that parties will be banned this weekend. Residents found in violation of any of the rules listed in the memo will be subject to a $250 fine and possible eviction. Management cited “an effort to cut back on building/apartment damages” as the primary reason for the ban. You can read the memo in full below:

Photo courtesy of @PSUtoaster

It’s the second apartment notice in two days after yesterday’s memo t0 Meridian residents informing them that parties will be banned for the entirety of State Patty’s weekend. Both complexes have implemented similar bans during this weekend in the past. The punishments for violation of the bans at the two complexes are similar as well. The Meridian, however, will have uniformed police officers patrolling all three buildings throughout the weekend.

Both the Meridian and Calder Commons are owned by McKinney Properties.

The bans come as no surprise, as the student-created drinking day has caused serious damage to numerous apartment complexes in the past. The bars, however, will be open this year.

Did you get a memo that you can’t host a party in your apartment this weekend? Let us know in the comments. 

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