‘Onward State Old Timey Audio Hour’ Returns to the LION

The rich history of independent student radio at Penn State began in 1951, when the seniors of the Pennsylvania State College voted to support the Donald MacIntire scholarship to fund the first student radio station at the university. WDFM went live in 1953 and provided generations of Penn State students hands-on radio broadcasting experience while delivering quality programming to the community. Its current iteration, WKPS-FM, took root in 1995 after a group of Penn State students petitioned the Board of Trustees to acquire a license for an exclusively student-run radio station. Twenty years, a couple new studios, and an administrator or two later, the LION 90.7 FM stands as the only truly independent student-run radio station at Penn State.

Seasoned readers of Onward State might remember another important bullet in the history of the LION: On January 29, 2012, the first Onward State Old Timey Audio Hour aired on the station. The hourlong talk show, hosted by editors of Onward State, lasted about a dozen or so shows before some funny folks graduated and it fizzled out.

Well, we’re back.

Three years later, we managed to convince the wonderful people at the LION to giving us our show back. The first episode of Onward State Old Timey Audio Hour in nearly three years will air today from 5-6 p.m. on the LION 90.7 FM in State College. The show will also be live on the station’s website for all the out-of-towners.

Much like the first go-around, we have absolutely no idea what we are doing (luckily we have a staff member in common with the station to help manage the sound board). We have a basic structure in mind — first, we’ll talk about the most read post on the website for the week and hear from its author (Keith Olbermann this week); then we’ll have on a special guest to interview (the Nittany Lion and THON dancer himself Michael Valania this week); and then we’ll talk about relevant news of the day (State Patty’s Day, THAW, etc.), take callers, and shoot the shit about whatever else is on the mind of our regularly rotating group of writer-hosts. But really, we’re flexible, and we hope you like (or really, just tolerate) listening to your favorite Onward Staters for an hour every Sunday for the rest of the semester, and hopefully, far beyond.

Tune in tomorrow at 5 p.m. on 90.7 FM or through TheLION.fm online. Hopefully the slogan of the first version of the show still holds true: “We killed journalism, now we’re killing radio.”

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Kevin Horne

Kevin Horne was the editor of Onward State from 2012-2014 and currently holds the position of Managing Editor Emeritus, which is a fake title he made up. He graduated from Penn State with degrees journalism and political science in 2014 and is currently seeking his J.D. at the Penn State Dickinson School of Law. A third generation Penn Stater from Williamsport, Pa., Kevin is also the president of the graduate student government. Email: [email protected]


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