Keith Olbermann Promises Comment On Last Week’s Debacle

Keith Olbermann’s pedestal returns to the airwaves today after his one-week suspension (if you’ve somehow avoided why that suspension is a thing, catch up), and he’s giving those who pined for that punishment a reason to tune in.

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I’m quite interested to see what the Hot Take Master has to offer on his suspension. There are a few ways this could go, I’d imagine: He could take the defensive route by falling back on his argument that he didn’t explicitly call out THON, he could double down on his apology and hope it sticks, or pick some middle route that tries to appease Penn Staters without completely admitting wrongdoing. Smart money might not be on the second option, if his Twitter bio is any indication: “Not my day to run the network. Bridges burned? Try tunnel.”

“Olbermann” airs at 5 p.m. ET on ESPN2.

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