Only Three Trustees Running For Three Alumni Seats

Get ready for yet another PS4RS sweep.

After the number of signatures required for candidacy was raised from 50 to 250, only three candidates — all of whom are endorsed by kingmaker PS4RS — are running for three alumni seats in the 2015 Board of Trustees election. It’s a significant departure from the elections since November 2011, which recorded record numbers of candidates (86 in 2012) and contested elections. It’s hard to say if this was the intended consequence of the Board reform, but the much higher signature threshold clearly shut out anyone not backed by the large advocacy organization.

“Penn State alumni have never been as unified and focused on correcting the errors of the past and helping the University achieve its goals for the future,” said PS4RS spokesperson Maribeth Roman Schmidt. “Over the last three years, the PS4RS-endorsed candidates have consistently been the voice of both the vocal and non-vocal majority of Penn State alumni who categorically reject the insulting ‘conclusions’ drawn by Freeh.”

Newcomer Robert Tribeck joins incumbents Anthony Lubrano and Ryan McCombie as the soon-to-be-winners of the 2015 election. At a Governance meeting this year, a motion passed to raise the number of signatures required for eligibility from 50 to 250, making the road tougher for candidates without the backing of such a large alumni group.

A page with trustee platforms will be established here tomorrow, though it doesn’t mean much. Lubrano and McCombie have made their Penn State ideologies quite apparent in their three years on the board. For what it’s worth, Tribeck promises to bridge the divide between the board and its constituents in his platform, in addition to restoring the image of Penn State.

Ballots will be made available to alumni on April 10, and voting runs until 9 a.m. on May 7. The results will be announced at the trustees’ meeting on May 8.

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