A Playlist For Your Snow Day

Snow days are as scarce as hen’s teeth and there’s generally only two ways to spend them when they finally come around: by day drinking or binge-watching Netflix. You might be staying in with a bottle of wine parked in front of Frank Underwood, or perhaps pre-gaming a day of bar crawling. We prepared for each spectacular possibility and have a playlist to prepare you for whatever type of day you have lined up. If you planned on studying at Irving’s with your headphones blasting Bach, Mozart, or Schubert, we pity you and you should stop reading this immediately.

The Netflix Pizza and Wine Playlist

Yo When Are The Bars Opening Playlist

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Claire Marchon

Contributor for Onward State, from the San Fransisco, Bay Area. I am probably the biggest Simon & Garfunkel fan you've ever met; I might also be the only Simon & Garfunkel fan under 50 you've ever met. Either way I think it is very important you know I love Simon & Garfunkel.


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