Clown Nose Club To Host Second Annual ‘You Matter Day’

The Penn State Clown Nose Club will hold its second You Matter Day in the HUB on Thursday, April 2 to spread a simple message: “You matter.” The event will run from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and will make an effort to ensure that each person in attendance feels that he or she is an appreciated member of the Penn State community.

So, how will the Clown Nose Club accomplish such a seemingly difficult task? There will be a variety of booths that will foster positive and genuine communication between attendees. Through karaoke competitions, arts and crafts, relay races, and mini golf, Penn State students will be able to have carefree fun, all towards an admirable effort.

There will also be ice cream, popcorn, and a photo booth, all free of charge, to further lift the spirits of participants.

“You Matter Day is an event which aims to bring people out of their comfort zone, whether by starting a conversation with a stranger or by having fun with others doing a wacky activity,” Erik Zalewski, an event organizer, said in a release. “We want each person to know that they are important and to treat others with that same importance.”

The event will also hope to boost awareness of other similar events through an information booth. Alpha Phi Omega, the Ukulele Club, and Project Chair have joined the Clown Nose Club in related efforts.

“When people first hear about You Matter Day, it sounds like a pretty self-explanatory thing, but the event really has a deeper meaning,” Julie Walter, Clown Nose Club President said. “You Matter Day is about creating a space within the HUB that fosters positivity and inspires people to make deeper connections every day.”

The event is open to all. The Clown Nose Club was founded in 2010. Its trademark clown nose is a sign of positivity and an effort to break down barriers between community members.

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