UPUA To Hold Election Recount Monday Night

The UPUA Elections Committee will hold a recount of the 2015 ballots tonight in light of new revelations from Student Affairs IT staff that some votes had been double-counted for select candidates on the ballot, according to an email from the Elections Committee to all candidates.

The recount will be held at 9 p.m. in 122 Thomas where the commission will “explain in full our process and background for this procedure tonight, as well as the new vote totals and winners,” the email reads.

“The commission decided to hold the recount after it was brought to our attention that a voter could potentially have, and in some cases did, cast a vote for the same candidate twice for one position,” said Melissa McCleery, the Election Commission’s deputy commissioner for publicity. “This was possible if a voter selected the candidate’s name on the ballot for the at-large representative spot and also wrote [his or her] name in. This is possible because voters can vote for up to 20 people for the at-large spot, one for each open representative seat.”

McCleery also suggested that the recount should affect the outcome of one contested seat.

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