Overheard At Movin’ On 2015

As loud as the music was at Movin’ On on Friday, you’d think it’d be hard to catch quotes good enough to compile in an Overheard for your enjoyment. But never fear, friends, we found the creme de la creme of Movin’ On’s best comments to distract you from those pesky finals you’re studying for today.

New Politics fan: “I’d do the lead singer and the drummer. The guitarist — debatable.”

Girl in white top: “I really want them to play ‘Harlem’ already so I can get food.”

Tall Sean: “All these outfits here make me want to die.”

Some guy in a cut off to his friend: “Dude, quit looking at her, there’s way too many high school girls around to risk it”

Middle school kid: “What time is Big Sean supposed to perform? My mom’s supposed to pick us up at the Creamery around 10.”

Guy wearing an IUPatties day hoodie: “I can’t believe Ariana and Big Sean are broken apart, I was hoping he would bring her to this.”

Girl holding a “water” bottle: “Wait really? So he’s like single… maybe I can hit him up.”

Guy in orange shirt: “Why don’t they just get Jay-Z and Beyonce? I don’t know who any of these people on the lineup are.” 

Guy to security guard: “Hey, I will give you $20 if you can get me Big Sean’s autograph.”

Really tall guy to friend: “Yo, I’m about to dump my Coke on this guy’s head if he doesn’t move soon.”
His friend: “Oh no, dude… don’t do that…”

Big Sean fan: “Of course, as soon as Big Sean comes out, this bitch gets on her boyfriend’s shoulders. Yo, get the hell down!”

Blond girl: “There’s so many cute guys here, but I’m afraid that I’ll be deceived by these middle schoolers running around. I see you, teenagers.”

Guy in green shirt: “Yo, I’m gonna follow you out of this crowd. I like your Robin hat.”
Guy in Robin hat: “Thanks…”
Guy in green shirt (later): “Okay, you did well. Here, let me past you and I’ll show you how to get through a crowd.”
Guy in Robin hat: “Dude, I can’t move. It’s a clusterfuck right now.”

Clueless guy: “Dude, I don’t even know what Passion Pit is but I’m amped.”

Middle schooler wearing a choker: “This is SO much better than doing Spanish homework.”

Thanks to Onward State writers Sarah Caskie, Ben Rappaport, Ted Hozza, and Carolyn Popescu for helping with this compilation.

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