Pi Kapp Goes Out With A Bang

Pi Kappa Phi doesn’t seem to be taking its three-year suspension too painfully. At its daylong two weekends ago, something of a last hurrah that spilled into the streets before police broke it up, some friends of the frat filmed a music video on its lawn and took a few shots at Kappa Delta Rho and the cops in the process.

The video, directed by Joe Clement, stars a rapper who goes by Tokes and features another called Doug Right. It’s pretty well-made and admittedly has a catchy beat, despite its questionable content. Clement is a former brother, as is producer “CHRIS JVCKSON” although the rappers “Tokes” and “Doug Right” are not.

It begins with a voiceover of a newscaster claiming “these men aren’t leaving this house quietly.”

Indeed they aren’t, as it then cuts to footage from its daylong. Cups litter the lawn, Ciroc flows, and everyone seems to be having a swell time.

But at the 1:18 mark, Tokes takes a shot at the recent allegations against Kappa Delta Rho: “Fuck that KDR shit n***a, I ain’t gotta get her passed out to take a pic n***a.”

A few seconds later, the police roll up to break up the party, and the video cuts to black and white footage, mirroring a police camera. An unhappy attendee whose face is blurred responds with a blunt message: “Fuck the police, look at this shit. We ball out. 409 East Fairmount Street.”

Doug Right takes over from there, spitting a few verses with some more graphic leanings (“My dick goes in and out of her mouth like fun dip.”) And there’s also this gem of a line: “She smoke too much purple kush, she got a dry mouth / I’m like shut the fuck up ho, give me more head.”

Feel free to draw your own conclusions:

Image: YouTube

Correction: A previous version of this story identified Joe Clement as a Pi Kapp brother. In fact, he is a former brother. We regret the error.

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