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[Live Blog] Pulling An All-Nighter In The Library

Ah finals week. This week in particular there just aren’t enough hours in the day, and some students stay up from sunset to sunrise to learn cram as much as possible.

We decided to see what really goes on during late nights in the library. For the love of journalism, we pulled an all-nighter of our own to document one group of individuals fighting the good fight in the name of getting A’s.

9:34 p.m.: It took a while, but we found a group that looks like they’re truly in it for the long-haul. A male and female were just joined by two other females, who we will identify as Female 1, Male, Female 2, and Female 3, respectively.

9:47 p.m.: The crew ordered Rotelli’s for delivery. They would like ranch dressing for their salads and will be splitting the bill.

9:49 p.m.: Update on payment: the card is a Visa. They have decided to pay the whole bill on Female 3’s card and, presumably, the other three will pay her back. May we suggest a late-night Venmo?

9:53 p.m.: Male has really worked up a sweat studying and is reapplying deodorant.

10:04 p.m.: Drama in Pattee: apparently, a friend of the group forgot to make an important call to different friend of the group (or something along those lines), but Females 1 and 3 have no sympathy.

10:16 p.m.: A new member to the group, Female 4, has arrived, Starbucks iced coffee in hand.

10:23 p.m.: What might seem like getting in and getting right down to work, Female 4 immediately pulled out her laptop and started scrolling feverishly…through Webmail, GroupMe, and Twitter.

10:30 p.m.: Female 4 has ventured to Facebook, currently scrolling through a male-friend’s photo library. This comes following a discussion that a friend hooked up with a guy whose name was met with disgust, but we can’t confirm if it’s the same guy Female 4 is currently stalking.

10:32 p.m.: Female 3 is getting antsy waiting for her Rotelli’s. For everyone’s sake, I hope it comes soon.

10:34 p.m.: An unknown friend of Male strolls up to the group with a “What’s up brah?” He has since proceeded to give Male a shoulder massage.

10:40 p.m.: Female 3, verbally and rightfully pissed off, is debating calling Rotelli because the food has still not arrived, noting it has been almost an hour.

10:47 p.m.: Rotelli called! Females 1 and 3 practically jump out of their seats to attempt to find the delivery driver and their late-night Italian cuisine.

10:54 p.m.: Contents of the order: salad (with ranch dressing, as we divulged earlier), calamari, some type of pasta in red sauce (sorry I wasn’t willing to go over and ask for a taste), and whatever is in Male’s unopened container. Though Female 4 unfortunately did not get to order any food, Female 1 was kind enough to offer her the half-empty bag of Sun Chips sitting on the table.

11:16 p.m.: From what we’ve gathered, Female 4 does not actually have an exam tomorrow. After finishing up her social media browsing, she’s on to Netflix for a late-night library sesh of “Parks and Recreation.”

11:19 p.m.: Female 1 has taken to re-enacting a recent frat party and the dancing that took place, which was apparently Sims-esque. She is actively and aggressively dancing like a Sim. Hopefully her Evolution of Dance final tomorrow goes well!

11:34 p.m.: Male sneezes. Just once. Most action we’ve seen in a while.

11:52 p.m.: Female 4 left approximately 10-15 minutes ago to toss the groups trash…but still hasn’t returned. She did take her laptop though, which begs the question: what kind of weird study environments is she into?

11:57 p.m.: Female 3 has also disappeared from the table. In a more devastating update, however, Male has not even opened his Rotelli’s yet! Dude, if you’re not gonna eat it I will; all I brought was a single Hershey’s Kiss that I took from dining earlier.

12:01 a.m.: Females 3 and 4 have both returned. While Female 4 looks like she has weathered no changes, Female 3 has gathered caffeinated hydration: A grande Starbucks iced coffee and some water.

12:05 a.m.: Male has finally cracked into his dinner, but in an apparent attempt to ration his nutrition, took only three bites and closed the container back up.

12:11 a.m.: FEMALE 2 IS ALIVE. She has taken her headphones out of her ears and even begun to take part in the conversation for the first time all night.

12:16 a.m.: Female 1 has left the table, as has Male who just walked out of the room (sans backpack) with Shoulder-Massage Guy from earlier (read: 10:34). Wait, no, false alarm: Female 1 is back.

12:26 a.m.: Male returns with unidentified friend, who he proceeds to ask questions about what he is studying. Early reports tell us he is studying statistics.

12:31 a.m.: Based on terminology, we’ve divulged that he is in fact studying some type of business with integrated math. We apologize for the error.

12:54 a.m.In the most exciting advancement in nearly 25 minutes, Female 3 spent a good 20 seconds making sure that some pages were perfectly aligned before walking over to the stapler and joining them permanently.

1:21 a.m.: Female 4 has started to look at what appears to be course material. Hopefully her laptop battery is full, seeing as even though she has the charger plugged into her actual laptop, the part that plugs into the wall is dangling from the table…

1:34 a.m.: Female 1, who has been by herself a few tables away, has rejoined the group. As it turns out, what her friends thought was “studying really hard” was actually just a quick nap.

1:39 a.m.: Apparently Female 3 didn’t bring any of her own supplies for the late night. She just asked Male if she could borrow his headphones and Female 2 if she could borrow her laptop charger. Good thing her friends were able to hook her up — she is currently watching a vlog about makeup.

1:47 a.m.: The vlog that Female 3 has been watching has cause quite a stir at the table. Apparently they’ve all seen these videos and they’re so funny. Also breaking: Male is in a frat!

1:49 a.m.: Female 4 did not know what a LISTSERV was. We’ve got a real Mike Waite in here.

1:51 a.m.: Things have really picked up! Spirits are high! The loud (this is a library, remember?) laughs of the group have drawn Female 1 back from her post of isolation, likely because of FOMO.

2:02 a.m.: There may or may not be something in Female 1’s eye, and though she does have a freckle on it (we’ve been learning a lot about the crew), she has tasked Female 3 to see if there’s anything there. I guess there may be, because Female 1 jumped up and screamed, “I’m STRESSED OUT” before storming off to what I can only imagine is the bathroom, murmuring under her breath about how a whisper voice is not her thing at this hour.

2:17 a.m.: Female 4 is more deceitful than we’ve given her credit for. After yelling at Female 3 (who is sitting across the table) about a movie that “just ends?!,” we discovered she has been watching “Fifty Shades of Grey” this whole time (while also studying.)

2:36 a.m.: Female 4 is, for some reason, desperate to know what those “seasoned cubes that you put into soups” are called. Nobody at the table has been able to come up with the correct term bouillon cubes, so I hope you see this narrative of your night and get your culinary answer.

2:47 a.m.: More sneezing, this time from Female 4. Though she sneezed twice, Male was quick to offer a double “bless you.”

2:49 a.m.: Female 3 has taken her studying from the hard wooden chair at the table with the rest of the group to a more comfortable option nearby.

3:06 a.m.: Uh oh, down for the count? Female 3 has put her head down for what I can only assume to be a little study break. In other news around the table, Female 4 is currently scrolling through Google Image results of Spongebob and Plankton.

3:09 a.m.: False alarm! Female 3 is back at it. Looks like she just needed a minute to herself and her thoughts.

3:20 a.m.: Female 3 just took a quick trip to what I’m guessing was the bathroom before rejoining the squad at the table. She also admitted to Female 4 that she is getting tired, rightfully so at this time in the morning.

3:39 a.m.: Female 1 is putting couches together to take a nap. She made sure to tell the group to wake her up in an hour though.

3:44 a.m.: How the mighty fall. Female 4 has joined Female 1 in on the couches for a quick snooze, but after a short quarrel with Female 1, decided she better set her own alarm so if someone forgets to wake them up, they don’t fail a class.

4:13 a.m.: Male has joined Females 1 and 4 for a nap. They’re dropping like flies. Props to Female 2 right now. Though it may seem like she hasn’t been doing much because she hasn’t made many appearances, that’s actually because she’s been studying basically for six hours straight.

4:46 a.m.: Morale is hitting an all-time low. Female 2 took a few minutes to look at her phone, but is back to the grind. Female 3 has been typing notes feverishly since her move from the couch. Daylight is eminent, but can’t come soon enough. Is this what THON feels like?

4:53 a.m.: Female 4 is the first to wake up from her slumber and there are whispers of leaving the library! *gasp*

4:57 a.m.: Realizing it’s been over the hour that Female 1 requested she be allowed to sleep, Females 3 and 4 have decided to see if she wants to get up. Just as Female 4 was about to give her a loving nudge, Female 1 jumped, visibly startled.

5:00 a.m.: Last to come, first to go: Female 4 has pulled an Elvis and left the building.

5:04 a.m.: Dominoes are falling here at Pattee, as Females 2 and 3 have also decided it’s time to call it a night. Due to the late hour and the early exam, however, the two have agreed that what’s best is a quick power nap and then back to the grind.

5:18 a.m.: Male and Female 1 are still out cold, and the attempt to wake Female 1 (read: 4:57 a.m.) was for naught, as she groggily shrugged it off and fell back asleep.

5:25 a.m.: Male has jumped up from slumber in what appears to be a state of fear and confusion. Before hitting the books again, however, he checks on Female 1 (who we now believe may be his girlfriend) by making sure his jacket is wrapped around her enough in her sleep. That single interaction was so cute that it almost made staying up all night worth it.

5:37 a.m.: Male has begun packing his things. Is the night/morning coming to a close for our new friends?

5:43 a.m.: Coffee is useless and beds are for the weak. After packing up his stuff, Male took his backpack with him to the makeshift sleeping quarters and passed out yet again. Fingers crossed Male and Female 1 have alarms set, and here’s hoping they kill their exams. They’ve earned it.

Special thanks to Maggie DeWitt and Megan Fleming for keeping me company past their bedtime in Pattee.

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