Linebacker Nyeem Wartman-White Changes Name To Honor His Mom

This is a tough Mother’s Day present to beat.

The Penn State middle linebacker formerly known as Nyeem Wartman announced on Sunday he will add “White” to his last name to honor his mom. Wartman-White made the announcement on his Facebook page:

“This year I decided not to get my mom anything tangible for Mother’s Day. I decided to go to another extent of showing my appreciation that I will be changing my last name to Wartman-White for her, making my name Nyeem Wartman-White. I watched this wonderful woman provide for her own kids and others people’s children when she didn’t have to. Because she and my step dad work so hard to provide a roof and clothes on the backs of my little sisters, she can’t make it to all my games causing her to watch. Since she was the one who raised me my whole life I feel she has the right to see her last name on the child she has raised and provided for. I want her to feel appreciated every time the announcers say my name and when the journalists write articles about me. My family is my motivation and she deserves this, love you momma and happy Mother’s Day.”

With the departure of Mike Hull to the Miami Dolphins, Wartman-White will be called on to be a leader on the defense this fall. Not only will Bob Shoop’s go-to guy have a different look, but the back of his jersey will as well. And to think, all I did for Mother’s Day was help my dad prepare dinner.

(h/t Fight On State)

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