Berkey Creamery Named One Of 33 Best Ice Cream Shops

The folks at Thrillist are ‘obsessed with everything that’s worth caring about in food, drink, and travel.’ And clearly they know what they’re talking about because they named the Berkey Creamery one of 33 best ice cream shops in America.

Foodies Kevin Alexander and Liz Childers ate ice cream all around the country in the last year to update Thrillist’s original list of 21. The Creamery wasn’t on the original list, but it’s the only university creamery this time around. No hard feelings, because they went so far as to encourage high school seniors to transfer to Happy Valley just for the delicious ice cream.

Here’s what Alexander and Childers had to say about the Creamery:

Don’t worry new high school graduates: if you act now, you can still transfer to Penn State by second semester, which is plenty of time to spend your dining hall dollars strictly on the cheddar, yogurt, ricotta, sour cream, chocolate milk, ice cream, and sherbet that basically pours out of Berkey. The university’s creamery makes 225,000 gallons of the frozen goodness annually, and its short course boasts Ben & Jerry (THAT Ben & Jerry) as alumni. The only downside is their strict no-mix policy when it comes to choosing cone flavors. But, remember, you’re about to transfer here, so you have so much time left to put on the freshman 15 (plus more?) via Black Cow (vanilla with root beer sherbet swirl) and blueberry cheesecake (blueberry swirled into cheesecake ice cream).

If you’re in State College and need an excuse to justify the heaping scoops of deliciousness, head to the Creamery knowing you’re about to enjoy some of the best ice cream in the country.

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