Downtown Bubble Tea Restaurant Permanently Closed

It is a sad day for bubble tea lovers. State College’s beloved Tea Time is permanently closed, according to a post on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Tea Time started out in 2012 as a small walk-up-counter drink joint in McAllister Alley. The only seating options were a few picnic tables next to Pita Pit, but the tasty teas brimming with tapioca bubbles did not disappoint. Tea Time graduated to a full fledged store front nearly two years later, in the summer 0f 2014.

Tea Time’s abrupt closing comes as quite a shock. According to that same Facebook post, Tea Time served close to 100,000 orders of teas, pastries, and other drinks. The beverage joint did mention in a May 23 post that there were some “store issues” causing a closure of unspecified length, but it appears the problems were insurmountable.

The number of disappointing comments on the Facebook post from loyal fans tell that the store and its goods will be greatly missed. On the bright side, the end of Tea Time doesn’t mean bubble tea will disappear from State College. A new bubble tea restaurant called Kung Fu Tea is located on West Beaver.

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